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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Mania Week 34

 Store Name: Sacred Roses
Store Owner/Creator: Kiera Seda
    Item Name: S.R. Silver Lily Gown
Detailed Description: Formal Full Length Silver Gown w/Beautiful Sculpty Lilies
Sale Price: 40L

Store Name: sf design 
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: swaffette Firefly
Item Name: sf design sock boots grey 

Detailed Description: .our new boots for men are sturdy boots with arran knit sock overfold, the womens version is a softer ugg style boot with the same arran knit overfold.
Sale Price of Items: 

Store Name: AtiXx Design

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Nabrej Aabye

Item Name:  Island Gazebo on Lovers (Boxed)

Detailed Description: A little island with rocks, plam tree, plants, waterfall, couch with sit poses, 56 prims can be configured to be outsim too. Modify Copy. It is wonderfull !!

Sale Price of Item: 45 L Only

Store Name: Blooma's 

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Blooma Coberts

Item Name:  Patterned Metal Textures - Set 01,  Valentine Glitter Textures,  Blooma's Button Blooms Blue, Blooma's Button Blooms Pink

Detailed Description:  

*** Patterned Metal Textures - Set 01 - Shiny Things!  Gorgeous metal textures for creators!  All are full perm to be used in your builds and all are seamless and tile very nicely! :)

*** Valentine Glitters Textures - Set 01 - If you're hankering to start creating for Valentine's day, these solid Valentine colored glitters are for you!  Yay, more shiny things!

*** Blooma's Button Blooms Blue  & Blooma's Button Blooms Pink - Spring is just around the corner and these collars are just the pefect thing for the "Elegant Kitty"!  Both collars are decorated with the most adorable gemstone blooms with each gemstone precisely placed.   Both are also script sizable.

Sale Price of Item:  All four items 25L

Store Name: GLITTER 

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Shine Messmer


Detailed Description:  Fun and cute outfit for this winter !!!

Sale Price of Item: 50 L$

Item Name: dress "anna"
Detailed Description: corsage, pants, flexi skirt 

Sale Price of Item: 50 L$

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Ella Asalia

Detailed Description:Fantastic Outfits and Tattoos for  sexy Women and real Men,Designed with 

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Sangi Phaeton

Item Name: LooLoo Shiny New Year for Women and For Men (Two separate offerings)

Detailed Description: Silver corseted gown with a jeweled underskirt.  Fuzzy Black Stole included.

Sale Price of Item: $25L each

Store Name: PA DESIGNE

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Rosele Maroon

Item Name:Christmas Neko

Detailed Description:Cute  Neko Tail and Ears animatef with menu

Sale Price of Item: 50

Store Name:  ARTIC STORM

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Artie Jonstone

Item Name:  *AS* Rocker Black & Pink

Detailed Description:  Sexy, black, open-front blouse, (wear with or without pink top) pink acid-ripped shortie top, and shiny black leather pants with attached belt.

Sale Price of Item:  $50L

Store Name: Saris Creation's

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: saris Saenz

Item Name: SS - Candy

Detailed Description:beautiful dress in pastel colors with a ruffled detail at the waist

Sale Price of Item: 50 L

Store Name: Aphrodite Shop

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Marina Ramer

Item Name: Romantic christmas table for two

Detailed Description: This is a $800 table that I am giving almost for free as Christmas gift. It includes beautiful and fancy dressed table and chairs, chairs with 4 aniamtions (eat,drink,sit,talk), romantic candles and centerpiece, an amazing champagne bucket giver with a relica of the most expensive champagne in the world, Perrier  Jouet Limited edition bottle, a home made turkey platter and great christmas dishes already served to enjoy with the turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, with a slice of glassed ham to enjoy together.

Sale Price of Item: L$ 50 ONLY!

Store Name: Moonlight Shadow

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Catherine Ashmoot

Item Name:"Moon_Sha" Gorean Suspended Cages

Detailed Description:Huddling Pose ( For 3 People ), Only 9 Prims

Sale Price of Item: 25L$

Store Name: Thief's Mark

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Eos Miklos

Item Name: Stacked Cages - 8

Detailed Description: 8 Cages Stacked together, multiple animated poses inside the cages, just sit and shift right or left to change pose.

Sale Price of Item: 25

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal

Item Name: Snowman Garland (Blinking colors), 11 Tree Toppers, Pink Icicle Christmas lights Fat Pack (6)

Detailed Description: Snowman Garland (Blinking colors), 11 Tree Toppers, Pink Icicle Christmas lights Fat Pack (6)
Sale Price of Item: 50L Each

Store Name: SE*Designz

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Stella Eaton

Item Name: [SE*Designz] Hot in Here T-Shirt & [SE*Designz] Unbuttoned Pants - red

Sale Price of Item: 50

Store Name: Style by Kira

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Kira Paderborn

Item Name: Style by Kira - Tomoko Skin 01A and Style by Kira - Tomoko Skin Fantasy 01A

Detailed Description: My first Asian skin!  Hope you love her! 

Sale Price of Item: 50L


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