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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Monday Mania Week 33

 Store Name: Sacred Roses

Owner/Creator: Kiera Seda

Item Name: S.R. Forever Snow Jewelry Set
Item Description: 
                ~Snowflake Collar w/Lover's Menu
                ~Matching Earrings
                ~Bracelet/Ring Combo
                ~Custome Jewelry Box w/Merrry Christmas Sound & Particle Poofer
    And only 40L! That is less than 10L per item. And it is TRANS makes a great gift!
Sale Price of Item: 40L

 Store Name: KamreK Creations
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Kamille Kelberry/Zarek Avedon
Item Name: Burgundy KamreK Comfy Boots
Detailed Description:
No transfer

Sale Price of Item: 

Store Name:  [hate this]

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Corvus Szpiegel

Item Name: 
[hate this] winter sweaters
[hate this] christmas pudding costume

Detailed Description:
    These classy knit sweaters with sculpted cuffs and turtleneck collars will keep you warm and cosy while you celebrate the season in style! They will even keep you warm and cosy if you don't celebrate the season at all!
For those of you looking for something more crazy and unique we have a handcrafted Christmas pudding costume, all made of custom sculpts and textures!
Both items are unisex, clothes come on all layers, prim parts are either modify (if 1 prim only) or resize scripted. Transferable gift versions already wrapped up in stylish present boxes are available, too!

Sale Price of Item: L$ 25 each

Store Name: sf design 

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: swaffette Firefly

Item Name: sf design tails tux molto bello

Detailed Description: .As a special for christmas we are putting a whole tux -   Molto bello tails tux as our monday mania item - This victorian style tux comes with red silk double breasted vest , a choice of silk bowtie or cravat , dress shirt, jacket with square ended tails and dress pants. perfect for a christmas event Mod/copy

For the ladies to match 
Sf design Molto Bella

Detailed Description - The ladies get this matching gown - textured in raw silk with a tight embroidered bodice tied with a long bow at the back and matching shoes!

Sale Price of Items: 

Store Name: Darkfold Designs

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: torrie Darkfold/Sutton Macarthur

Item Name: Flamin mad roadster

Detailed Description:metallic green and yellow flamed roadster 

Sale Price of Item: 35l

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Imajica Vemo

Item Name: *Be Jolly* 

Detailed Description:  Gingerbread Man & Text {Gesture with Sound}

Pic of Item: N/A

Sale Price of Item: L$50

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Ella Asalia

Detailed Description:Fantastic Outfits and Tattoos for  sexy Women and real Men,Designed with 

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: *Enchante*

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dena McMahon

Item Name: Candy Cane Pathlights

Detailed Description: Bring a touch of the southwest to your home.  Our Cruz Dining table seats 4 and includes male and female eating animations.  The entire set is only 12 prims, and includes a removable the tablecloth.  Regularly 275L get yours today for 50L!

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: GLITTER 

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Shine Messmer


Detailed Description:  Fun and cute hair in exclusive tone with hat for men and women.

Sale Price of Item: 50 L$

Store Name: Timeless Textures

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Xzavia Yifu

Item Name: 20 Seamless Fireworks Timeless Textures

Detailed Description: 20 Seamless Fireworks Textures - Just in time for New Years Celebrations! This set contains 10 multiple burst textures and 10 colour coordinating single burst textures. These look great slightly transperant with just the slightest touch of glow (perhaps .05). Light up your Festivities!

Also available today for just 30L below the Monday Mania board: 18 Seamless Party Time! Textures. Lovely, bright , playful confetti like textures, a perfect accompaniment to the Fireworks Textures set. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone, may you all have a warm, cozy and safe holiday season =^.^=

Sale Price of Item: 30L

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:  Pattye Caproni

Item Name: Iris garden 

Detailed Description: Very pretty iris garden to brighten you winter day.  I have made this one copy/no transfer.  

Sale Price of Item: $50L

Store Name:  Mackenzie Designs

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Mack Fall

Item Name:  
1. Happy Holidays Gift 0L. 
2. Winter Mini in many colours
3. Boots to Match the Mini's
4. Candy in Gift Box (transfer)

Detailed Description:
The gift is a lovely swing seat with 3 animations
The mini's have sculpted attachments that are resize scripted
The boots are warm with an added embelishment on the side and match the mini dresses.
Candy in a Lovely gift box, two sizes,  perfect for gifting to that someone special. Dispenses Candy, which is edible

Sale Price of Item: 
Gift = 0L
Dresses 30L each
Boots 30L each
Candy in gift box 30L

Store Name:  ARTIC STORM

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Artie Jonstone

Item Name:  *AS* Modern

Detailed Description:  Adorable Club Dress, sexy slit top with lace trim, V-shaped flexi skirt with belt, and poof sleeves, glitch shorts

Sale Price of Item:  $50L

Store Name: AtiXx Design

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Nabrej Aabye

Item Name:  Sculpty Cart (Boxed)

Detailed Description: A nice a nice Sculpty Cat Full perms 1 prim - with 2 sculpty maps

Sale Price of Item: 40 L Only

Store Name: PA DESIGNE

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Rosele Maroon

Item Name:Christmas Camisk

Detailed Description:  Very Cute Camisk with fluffy board.

Sale Price of Item: 45

Store Name:  The Lotus

Owner  Name:  Phanes Python and Angela Cheetha

Item Name:  Sky Box Home

Detailed Description: Beautiful wood home that would look good in the sky with it's own little porch/landing spot. Two story with a nice little balcony. 

Sale Price of Item:  L$50

Store Name: Thief's Mark

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Eos Miklos

Item Name: Thalarlion for RP Wagon

Detailed Description: By the book draft Thalarlion to pull the roleplay wagon.  Through the trees I could see tent canvas, a tharlarion wagon, the strap-masters unharnessing a brace of low tharlarions, the huge, herbivorous draft lizards of Gor. 

Sale Price of Item: 25

Store Name: Moonlight Shadow

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Catherine Ashmoot

Item Name:"Moon_Sha" Gorean Rock Kitchen

Detailed Description:Sound of Fire, Only 11 Prims.

Sale Price of Item: 25L$

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Lymari Daxter

Item Name: Fire

Detailed Description:

This Outfit Comes with:

-Necklace (With Resizer)
-Corset Upper (Shirt,Undershirt,Jacket)
-Corset Lower (Pants, Underpants,Jacket)
-Corset Full Version (Jacket)
-Slip with Stocking and Garters     (Pants,Underpants)
-Skirt (With Resizer)

Sale Price of Item: 50L$

Store Name: Saris Creation's

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: saris Saenz

Item Name: SS - Dike

Detailed Description: outfit for you nigth christmas, vest red and cru and a long skirt red

Sale Price of Item: 50 L

Store Name: sotd-fallin'dolls

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:luzia ling/luzia galicia

Item Name: Xmas bag

Sale Price of Item: 25

Store Name:  Butterfly Effectz

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: LadyCatherine Fairey

Item Name:  **BE**  Candy

Detailed Description: Sculpted  Red/white leather jacket withoptional candy canes , black skinnny jeans, cand cane for your mouth

Sale Price of Item:  50L

Store Name: Snowpaw Fashions

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Carrie Snowpaw

Item Name: 
Detailed Description: regularly 180L

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: Style by Kira

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Kira Paderborn

Item Name: Style by Kira - Willow Skin 01H, Style by Kira Willow Skin Fantasy 01h, Style by Kira - Kylie Skin 01E, and Style by Kira - Kylie Skin Fantasy 01E

Detailed Description: New makeups for the popular Willow and Kylie skins.  

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: SE*Designz

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Stella Eaton

Item Name: [SE*Designz] Joker Duo T-Shirt Pack & [SE*Designz] Love Game Stonewashed Quarters Jeans Blue 

Sale Price of Item: 50

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal

Item Name: 6 Pack Purple Christmas Lights, Purple Candy Cane String w/lights,Purple Wreath
Sale Price of Item: 50L Each

Store Name: Zenith Fashion 

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Miffyhoi Rosca

Item Name:=Zenith=Teemo Christmas version(Cherry)

Detailed Description:Unisex jacket 

Sale Price of Item: 50L


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