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Monday, August 27, 2012


S.R. DARK VANITY---This is a beautiful rustic vanity set in a Dark Stain Wood *Low-prim *LOVER'S MENU WITH EROTIC, CUDDLE, & GROOM MENU! Copy/mod & only 50L for Monday Mania!
   S.R. TWISTEDLY FORMAL GOWN---This is not your average formal gown! THIS IS A SEXY, SHEER, GOWN that takes Formal to a new sexy level! Includes Black Panties, & Pearl Choker~~Only 35L For Monday Mania!

Owners (Creators/Designers) Name: GeorgiaStar Chau/Arabella Bellios
Item Name: Flowering Red Hair Flowers
Two Hair flowers done in 14k gold and roses to accent your hair.  Comes in Pink, red, mauve, sky blue, Lime.
Item Name: Audrey Pink Diamond Bracelet
Detailed Description: Here is a wonderfully designed bracelet done in 14K gold lleaf spray.  Accented with pink and white diamonds. 
Sale Price of Item: 49 L

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Chalice Piers
Item Name: Graffitiwear Aloha Dress
Detailed Description: Aloha print minidress with skirt prim
Sale Price of Item: 25L

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Artie Jonstone
Item Name:  Jackie (MESH) Blouson Dress - Green Floral
Detailed Description: MESH (in 5 Sizes) one piece Blouson Dress with separate Panty hose and alpha layer. (Also avalable in 4 other patterns/colors)

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Geryn Sloane
Item Name:  Trinket
Detailed Description: Richly embroidered and beaded in deep colors and textures, asymmetrical skirt with chiffon underskit and wide sash, halter neck top

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Coleen Macarthur
Item Name: Dartmoor Boots      
Detailed Description:scarlet knit knee length boots

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Coleen Macarthur
Item Name: Kloe Mirror    
Detailed Description:color-marigolds(floor length mirror)

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Kathie Kayor
Item Name: Overalls in Dark Grey

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Venus Nurmi
Item Name: Hortensia Dress Red
Detailed Description: Sexy mini dress in red.

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Xzavia Yifu
Item Name: 18 Seamless Victorian Romance Timeless Textures
Detailed Description: 18 Seamless Victorian Romance Textures  - Delicate and aged roses adorn this fine quality paper/fine canvas in romantic Victorian-esque patterning. Excellent for wallpaper, furnishings or even gift wrap. 512 x 512 resolution

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: PICHICHUCHA
Item Name:  ++ Sculpted 8 Prim Wagon
Detailed Description: 8 Prim wagon, 5 wagon sculpted maps, copy, and trans, no mod, no textures included

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: XKISSX Hazelnut
Item Name:  Latex 
Detailed Latex black trousers and matching corset top in pink

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:  Luna Tiros
Item Name:   Master's Old Shirt
Worn and Soft and Still Has His Scent.  This Lucky Girl Was Thrown Master's Old Shirt to Wear!  Includes Panties, Socks and Rope Belt.

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Vamilia Vella
Item Name: Retro Lilac Lingerie with Skirt and Shoes
Detailed Description: Soft lilac striped chemise trimmed with lilac ribbons - comes with white fishnet stockings and matching lilac striped shoes. Add the cute swirly skirt to make a complete look!

Store Name: sf design
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: swaffette Firefly
Item Name: sf design elfin boots bronze
Detailed Description: glossy leather flat boots in both male and female fit

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Carrie Snowpaw

Store Name: *NaNa*
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Natem Andel
Item Name: Mocho SET
Detailed Description:owel pendant

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Blaze Waves
Item Name: Tangerine
Detailed Description: Sexy orange outfit with buckled top,hipsters capris,sculpted warmers and boots,dreadlocks hair,sculpted stones bracelet and belt.

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Kayshla Aristocrat
Item Name: Calix

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:  Kimbra McMillan
Item Name:  Beloved Jewelry : Fashion Earrings and Necklace (in Light Gold with Sapphire & Aquamarine)
Detailed Description:  Double curve dangle earrings and pendant necklace in light gold with sapphire and aquamarine.  Transferrable for the perfect gift.  35L each; 50L for both.  This is an exclusive item for Monday Mania!  Available all week.
Sale Price of Item:  35L each or 50L for both.

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: Summer Net collection

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: Old Wagonwheel Picnic Table

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: UC Stylish Bedroom Collection

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: Leslie's Garden Collection


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