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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monday Mania #112

Store Owner: Kiera Seda
Price: 50L each


Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: Campfire Roast !!
Sale Price of Item: 50L

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: Modern Beachfront Home
Detailed Description: Pool & Working Blinds & Hang out Deck !!
5 Color Choices of homes !
Sale Price of Item: 50L  Each Home !~

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: Summer Night Out Collection
Sale Price of Item: 50L Each

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: Carnival Outdoor Set
Detailed Description: Come Ride the Carousel
Sale Price of Item: 50L Each

Owners (Creators/Designers) Name: GeorgiaStar Chau/Arabella Bellios
Item Name: Laced Up Sky Blue Bead Earrings
Detailed Description:  Laced up sets are very different this week and amazing the earrings are 49L Comes in silver/silver, sky blue/silver, Pink/silver, lilac/ silver, Peach/silver & Aqua/silver. Perfect with all you summer wear.
Item Name: Radiant Athena Yellow Topaz Ring
Detailed Description: Here is a wonderful ring.  Designed with a beautiful venetian glass oval cut stone surrounded by pink tourmalines.  Set in a 14k yellow gold setting.  Brilliant in color.
Sale Price of Item: 49 L

Store Name: Lushish Catz
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Lushish Catz
Item Name: Crazie Prints
Detailed Description: Mini Dress
Sale Price of Item: $40L

Store Name: Graffitiwear
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Chalice Piers
Item Name: Graffitiwear Zebra Fancy Pants
Detailed Description: Black fancy pants jeans with zebra top
Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: KAD Designs
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: KioraRaeesha Eismann
Item Name: Spirit Guides
Detailed Description: A group of white and bengal tigers wandering over a moonlit pasture
Sale Price of Item:  $25L Normal $100

Store Name: Syrenz Shadowz
Co -Owners: Rogue Kinomis & DragonSoul Draconia
1. Item Name:Hearts  Palm Campfire couples copy V1
Detailed Description:  A wonderful Beach campfire sitting area for your Beach! Comes with a couple seats, a place to sit back and enjoy the view with the one you love.
Sale Price of Item: 50
2.  Item Name: Sacrifice Altar by Syrenz
Detailed Description:  For those who love Gothic Syles, a nice piece of Decor for your land and castle or crypt.
Sale Price of Item: 50
3. Item Name: Gorean Cave Refuge by Syrenz
Detailed Description: This cave overhang gives a nice refuge and romantic setting that will look great just about anywhere! Perfect for Gorean roleplay sims as well as a Master or Submissive's land. The fire casts a relaxing glow over you and your Master/Sub as you enjoy your time together.
Sale Price of Item: 50

Store Name: Storaxtree
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Coleen macarthur
Item Name: Melita Side Table
Detailed Description:draped table perfect for setting a decoration on
Sale Price of Item: 25L

Store Name: Loordes of London
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Coleen Macarthur
Item Name: Lancestshire Tube Top-Cloud
Detailed Description:gold metallic piping with a striped body
Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name:  Artic Storm
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Artie Jonstone
Item Name: Icing - Blue
Trying not to do too much mesh, unless really exceptional - and this floaty layered dress is excpetional. Comes in 5 sizes - tried some out on a few AVs (even critters) and had no complaints.
Sale Price of Item:  $50L

Store Name: Timeless Textures
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Xzavia Yifu
Item Name:  16 Seamless Trashed Tartan Timeless Textures
Detailed Description 16 Seamless Trashed Tartan Textures  - A Wickedly Worn, Battered & Destroyed selection of Tartan/Plaid. 8 Colours, One Light and One Dark per colour. This is a wonderfully versatile set useful for Boots, Clothing, Walls, even crumpled Gift Wrap or Wallpaper for  a formerly glorious home. 1024 x 1024 resolution.
Sale Price of Item: 30

Store Name: Kabuki Creations
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Naku Nishi
Item Name: Home
Detailed Description: Couple Poses
Sale Price of Item: 48

Store Name: X Latex
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: XKISSX Hazelnut
Item Name:  Naughty Nurse
Detailed Description: so naughty little nurse outfit
Sale Price of Item: 50l

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Bell Beningborough/Chili Wingrider
Item Name: A bold buckled bodice; sure to get all eye on you at that special gathering. Includes a resizable skirt
Scooped Patio/Beach Set....Perfect for Patio or Beach gatherings, seats 6...cuddle menu in the love seat....
Sale Price of Item: 49L

Store Name:  Top Katz
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Transku Daines, Aden Auxifur
Item Name:  3 Strand Canada Flag Men's Choker, regular and petite sizes. 
Canadian Flag Shoes
Detailed Description: The 3 Strand Choker is perfect for upcoming Canada Day.  It is avalible in normal and petite sizes.  They are copy/mod so can adjust to fit.
Canadian Flag Shoes are also being offered for Canada day.  They are Copy/Mod and perfect for being in the Canadian Spirit.
Sale Price of Item:  25L each

Store Name:  Reliquia
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:  Luna Tiros
Item Name:  It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere
Detailed Description:  This Beautiful Patio Set Works On Your Porch, Patio or Poolside. Quality Sitting Animations, Touch On/Off Paper Lantern, Flower Centerpiece and a Touch-To-Give Tall Glass of Ice Cold Beer.  Heaven!  Regularly Priced at 180L
Sale Price of Item:  25L

Store Name:
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:
Khayman Karlsvalt
Item Name:
Amour Fashion - Summer Outfit - Giraffe
Detailed Description:
✦ Cropped Shirt Top
✦ Frill Shirt Prim
✦ Dark Blue Denim Capris
✦ Silver / Metal Bangle Bracelet
Sale Price of Item: 25

Store Name: Rispetto Designs
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Khayman Karlsvalt
Item Name:
Rispetto Designs Bag - Ruvido Outfit - SeasBlue
Detailed Description:
✦ SeasBlue Long Sleeve Crew Shirt
✦ Ripped Blue Denim Jeans
✦ Ripped Blue Denim Jean Cuffs
Sale Price of Item: 45

Store Name: sf design
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: swaffette Firefly
Item Name:
sf design sports set royal blue
Sports set comprising of muscle tee, pants with sculpted cuffs and shorts, - the womens version also includes a cropped tee
Sale Price of Items: 25Leach

Store Name:  GLITTER
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Shine Messmer
Item Name:
Detailed Description: White party : Lovely short dress in balck & white with stockings. Shalma resizeable hair with elegan white hat.
Sale Price of Item: 50L$

Store Name: KGDesigns
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Blaze Waves
Item Name: Halley
Detailed Description: Strawberry delight with belly shirt,denim shorts,choker,twitchy ears,interactive tail,paws,warmers(paw fit),boots,warmers(boot fit)
Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name:  Beloved Jewelry
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:  Kimbra McMillan
Item Name:  Beloved Jewelry : Chandelier Earrings and Necklace (in Bronze and Emerald)
Detailed Description:  Chandelier earrings and matching necklace in bronze with emeralds.  Transferrable for the perfect gift.  35L each; 50L for both.  This is an exclusive item for Monday Mania!  Available until Sunday.
Sale Price of Item:  35L each or 50L for both.


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