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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monday Mania #109

Store name: SACRED ROSES
Price: 35L each 

Item Name: Ribbon Leaf Earring
Detailed Description:  Diamonds and Ribbons how beautiful and a little different. You get two sets a smaller and a Larger set. There are 6 colors. First is all gold, Gold/lilac, Gold/pink, Gold/red, Gold/Aqua and the picture is Gold/Leaf. all for only 49L
Item Name: Malia
Detailed Description: Here is a wonderful ring.  Designed in beautiful Floating Rivoli Amethyst and Diamond stones.  4 sets are done in 14k gold and 4 colors. 
Sale Price of Item: 49 L

Store Name: ~* Dawn's Dreamy Garden *~Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: Collection Birdbaths w/fountain
Sale Price of Item: 50L Each

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: Crissie Belted
Sale Price of Item: 50L Each

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: WER Totem Pole
Sale Price of Item: 50L
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal
Item Name: UC Erotic Pool Table Collection
Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name:  Hidden Treasures
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Bell Beningborough/Chili Lykin
Item Name: Buckled Black
Sale Price of Item: 49L
Item Name: Walnut Shine table Set
Detailed description: 3 piece table set/ 1 end table, 1 coffee table,
and 1 sofa table, all only 2 prim each...
Sale Price of Item: 49L

Store Name: Graffitiwear
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Chalice Piers
Item Name: Summer Bouquet
Detailed Description: Outfit includes crochet vest, twisted tube top, flower power skirt and pink lady loafers.
Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: KAD Designs
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: KioraRaeesha Eismann
Item Name: Penciled Tiger
Detailed Description: A Black and white Penciled drawing of a tiger.
Sale Price of Item:  $25L Normal $100

Store Name: Syrenz Shadowz
1. Item Name: Chain Bridge by Syrenz
Detailed Description: For those who love Gothic Syles, a very Gothic Bridge for your land and home.
Sale Price of Item: 50
2.  Item Name: Romantic Ruins by Syrenz
Detailed Description:  A nice Ruins for you and your beloved to share time under the stars together.
Sale Price of Item: 50
3. Item Name: Palm Campfire couples copy V1
Detailed Description: A wonderful Beach campfire sitting area for your Beach! Comes with a couple seats, a place to sit back and enjoy the view with the one you love.
Sale Price of Item: 50

Store Name: Loordes of London
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Coleen macarthur
Item Name: Maenan bubble dress
Detailed Description:retro purple-mesh
Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: Storaxtree
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Coleen macarthur
Item Name: Lacole chest
Detailed Description:any color-5 colors,w/ 5 single sits,your color of choice
Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: Spyralle
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Kerryth Tarantal
Item Name: Spyralle Ragged Bluebird Top & Skirt
Detailed Description:  Soft strands of silk brush the flowers as you pass. No bluebirds or butterflies were harmed in the making of this fractal outfit. Wings sold separately.
Sale Price of Item: L$ 50

Store Name: K-Ks Designs
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Kathie Kayor
Item Name: Cross Dress in SIlver
Detailed Description: Lovely Dress for any occasion
Sale Price of Item: 50l

Store Name: Timeless Textures
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Xzavia Yifu
Item Name:  18 Seamless Woven Mat/Basket Textures
Detailed Description:18 Seamless Woven Mat/Basket Textures  - Just the thing for Tiki Hut walls and floors, Baskets, Beach Mats, Blinds etc  512 x 512 resolution.
Sale Price of Item: 30L

Store Name:  Reliquia
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:  Luna Tiros
Item Name:  Troublesome
Detailed Description:  Troublesome - You Know Who You Are!  A Beautiful Outfit For the Gorean Free Woman. Includes Gorgeous Prim Scarf and Tall Leather Boots. Your Choice of Black, Green & Blue.
Sale Price of Item:  25L. Regularly Priced 180L

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Phedre Moriarty
Item Name: Coin Girl Earth
Detailed Description: Pretty simple dainty silks.. with exquisite coin and gem detail.. With 2 style of skirts
Sale Price of Item: 25L

Store Name: Mind Games Fashion
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Venus Nurmi
Item Name: Carola Denim Shorts FATPACK
Detailed Description: Cute denim shorts in 5 colors.
Sale Price of Item: 48L

Store Name: Lushish Catz
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Kayshla Aristocrat
Item Name: Dark Skulls
Detailed Description:  New Outfit - Jeans & Blouse
Sale Price of Item: $50L

Store Name: sf design
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: swaffette Firefly
Item Name: sf design camouflage shorts with belt
Detailed Description: - camouflage shorts in both male and female fit with prim legs and pockets - plus a canvas style belt with and without resizer
Sale Price of Items: 25L

Store Name: Amour Fashion
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Khayman Karlsvalt
Item Name: Amour Fashion - Friday Outfit - Lilac
Detailed Description:
✦Ruffled Tied & Bowed Bustier (shirt & undershirt layer)
✦Silver Blue Jeans
✦Silver Blue Jean Cuffs (modifiable & resizable)
✦Silver Ringed Necklace (resizable)
✦Silver Ringed Earrings (resizable)
Sale Price of Item: 45

Store Name: KaShOeY
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Saoirse Jameson
Item Name: 3 pieces being offered this week to make the outfit
 .:Kashoey:. Altonia ~ Baby Blue,
 .:KaShOeY:. Torn to Peices Jeans,
  .:KaShOeY:. Rogue Biker Boot
Detailed Description: This combination is the Altonia shirt, Torn to Pieces Jeans ( not yet sold in the shop) and the Rogue Boot each priced at 50L to make complete
Sale Price of Item: 50L each item

Store Name: KGDesigns
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Blaze Waves
Item Name: Reese
Detailed Description: Gangster style outfit with striped button down shirt,slacks,fishnet stockings,mesh white tipped black pumps,mesh fedora with and without hair,red satin sculpted tie,red tinted sunglasses.
Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: Rispetto Designs
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Khayman Karlsvalt
Item Name: Rispetto Designs - Nuovo Outfit - Midnight
Detailed Description:
✦Polo Shirt Style A (shirt, jacket & underpants layer)
✦Polo Shirt Style B (shirt, jacket & underpants layer)
✦Polo Collar Style A (modifiable & resizable)
✦Polo Collar Style B (modifiable & resizable)
✦Polo Shirt Midnight Sleeves (modifiable & resizable)
✦Polo Shirt White Sleeves(modifiable & resizable)
✦Casual Denim Jeans
✦Casual Denim Jean Cuffs (modifiable & resizable)
Sale Price of Item: 50

Store Name: Sour Pickles
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Xandra Bressig
Item Name:  rippletopandpulsepants
Feel the curve of your lower back with Version Two of the Going Down Series. This piercing is copy/mod and has five dimpled piercings doing at a dwonward angle, right above the butt.
Sale Price of Item:  50L

Store Name:  Beloved Jewelry
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:  Kimbra McMillan
Item Name:  Beloved Jewelry : Chain Drop Earrings and Necklace (in Light Gold and Aquamarine)
Detailed Description:  Chain drop earrings and choker necklace with chest length chain drop in light gold with aquamarine beads.  Transferrable for the perfect gift.  35L each; 50L for both.  This is an exclusive item for Monday Mania!  Available all week.
Sale Price of Item:  35L each or 50L for both.

Store Name: Curious Kitties
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Ameshin Yossarian
Item Name: Nyanotech Hair [Type B] - Mimiki V3 OR for short: Mimiki Hair
Detailed Description: Color Changable Hair!
Sale Price of Item: L$50

Store Name: PA DESIGNE
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Rosele Maroon
Item Name: Creme Fraiche silk
Detailed Descrription-
Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: Carrie's Lingerie
Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Carrie Bridger
Item Name: Mika in Peach
Detailed Description:  A titalating piece of lingerie in peach to pique everyones interest's!
Sale Price of Item: 50L


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