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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Mania Week 39.

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Geryn Sloane
Item Name:  GSC Golden RIbbons

Detailed Description:  A flashy party dress with golden ribbons wrapping you and
and a full skirt with gold chiffon underneath.  I was rummaging around in my inventory and found this and I'm not sure I ever relieased it, so now its yours for 50L!!

Sale Price of Item:  50L

Store Name:  Blooma's

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Blooma Coberts 

Item Name:  
Flowing Folds - Metallics Set 02 (Pinks)
Blooma's Moo - Set 01
Threaded Fabrics - Set 01

Detailed Description: (Set 1) Beautiful, shiny, flowing, folded, metallic textures - (Set 2) What more to say than Mooooooooo?  Cow fabrics in canvas, felt,  knit, beaded, rough fabric and silk (Set 3) Elegant threaded fabrics in various colors for clothing and other creations.

Sale Price of Item:  All items L$25

Store Name: Cherrie's Couture

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: BlaxksCherrie Constantine

Item Name:  ::CC::  Jenny- Maroon

Sale Price of Item:  $25 L

Store Name: sf design 

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: swaffette Firefly
For men
Item Name: sf design keele set
complete set comprising jeans, tee and tux jacket - 25L

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Ella Asalia

Detailed Description:Fantastic Outfits and Tattoos for  
sexy Women and real Men,Designed by Ella Asalia

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: The Lotus

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: angela cheetah

Item Name: saloon skybox

Detailed Description: saloon skybox with 51 prims  for 25 linden

Sale Price of Item: 25 linden

Store Name: GLITTER 

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Shine Messmer


Detailed Description:  
ANGEL WINGS TATTOO: Nice tattoo with angel wings.
FEDRA:Young and casual hair in exclusive tone majestic. Resize sistem

Sale Price of Item: 50 L$ for hair and 40 for tattoo

Store Name: Be Happy!

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: madalina Aeghin

Item Name: !BH Glimmer pink dress

Detailed Description:  Pink Glimmer Disco Dress, includes top , body pants and sculpted miniskirt , comes in all layers a s copy/mod/no transfer

Sale Price of Item: 50 ls

Store Name: PA DESIGNE

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Rosele Maroon

Item Name:Ripped sweater

Detailed Description: wear it as it is or over bra or shirt .

Sale Price of Item: 50

Detailed Description: corsage, pants, nylons, glowes, flexi skirt short, flexi skirt long
Sale Price of Item: 50 L$

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Imajica Vemo

Item Name: *Hello* & *Bye Bye* 

Detailed Description: Hello & Bye Bye {2 Gestures with Sound}

Pic of Item: N/A

Sale Price of Item: L$50

Store Name: Saris Creation's

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: saris Saenz

Item Name: SS Falling Love

Detailed Description:intimate cloths in beautiful dantelle grey and red

Sale Price of Item: 50 L

Store Name: Aphrodite Shop

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Marina Ramer

Item Name: FULL PERM realistic red rose alpha textures

Detailed Description: 2 textures , one smaller, one bigger or red rose petals realistic textures to use on your own creations 

Sale Price of Item: $50

Store Name: Timeless Textures

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Xzavia Yifu

Item Name: 15 Seamless Fine Linen Subtle Timeless Textures

Detailed Description: 15 Seamless Fine Linen Subtle Textures -   Spring is coming and what is more perfect than lush fine quality linen in subtle, pastel shades  just in time for the sunshine and warmer weather! These textures make crisp lightweight looking clothing but are also quite handy for sheets and tablecloths etc. 1024 x 1024 resolution for clothing creation.

Sale Price of Item: 30L

Store Name:  ARTIC STORM

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Artie Jonstone

Item Name:  Enslave Me

Detailed Description: Mix and Match set of two glitter tops, one solid skirt and one glitter skirt, and glitch pants

Sale Price of Item: $50L

Store Name: Butterfly Effectz

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: LadyCatherine Fairey

Item Name:  **BE** Claire

Detailed Description: Mauve Flaire Bottom pants , corset style top & 3/4 sleeve top woth Sculpted Ruffles.

Sale Price of Item: 50

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:  Pattye Caproni

Item Name: Far eastern inspired shelf

Detailed Description: A far eastern inspired shelf for displaying your treasures.  10 prims and copy/nm/nt.

Sale Price of Item: $50L

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Lissa Maertens

Item Name: 

For the Ladies: AprilStars Patent Leather Oxford Pump - Caramel

For the Gentlemen: Rockstar Half-boot - Blue Sunday

Detailed Description:
For the ladies: The AprilStars Patent Leather Oxford Pump is a modernized version of a Victorian style laced pump. Beautifully designed patent textures adorn this sculpt shoe, which is the perfect addition to every wardrobe. The Monday Mania offering is the Caramel color version. This shoe also offers resize capability via a scripted menu system.

For the gentlemen:  The Rockstar Halfboot is an engineer styled boot that rises just above the ankle. Hand painted, detailed textures in blue adorn this boot, which features details such as a gold star zipper pull. These boots work with nearly every ensemble from blue jeans to dress slacks. These boots also feature a menu driven resize script.

Sale Price of Item: 
For the Ladies: $49L
For the Gentlemen: $49L

Store Name: Snowpaws

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Carrie Snowpaw

Item Name: Luscious Flower - Mocha

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: K & B Designs

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Bunny Carver And Kandy Sass

Item Name: Slave for You ( Kandy Sass) and Raver (Bunny Carver)

Detailed Description: Slave for You:  Outfit includes: Shirt, Skirt, Pants, Tail, Ears, And Boomers.... Outfit is black and very sexy!!!

Raver: Outfit Includes: 2 Top Options, Skirt, Bikini Bottom, Tail, Ears, And Boomers.... This is a multi-colored outfit for that neko raver!!!

Sale Price of Item: $L25 for both outfits

Store Name: Moonlight Shadow

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Catherine Ashmoot

Item Name:"Moon_Sha" Gorean Round Table for Eight

Detailed Description: Animated Fire, 2 Differents Sit Poses, 12 Prims

Sale Price of Item: 50L$

Details: 2 Outfits two in one
              2 Tops, 2 Pants,2 Skirts,2 Skirts insert
              Gloves black & blue
              String black & blue  ,   Belt
              Sale Price of Item:50 L$

Store Name: Red Devil Inc

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dementia Razor

Item Name: [Red Devil Inc] Tabiria Red

Detailed Description: Vee cut latex top with prim flexi mini skirt. Clothing parts on all layers

Sale Price of Item: 50L (Reg price 249L)

Store Name: Thief's Mark

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Eos Miklos

Item Name: Explosive Eyes 1-9

Detailed Description: Explosive Eyes, Great Eyes in 9 different colors, EACH SOLD SEPARATELY! 

Sale Price of Item: 25L$ each or buy the fat pacck for 200L$

Store Name: SE*Designz

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Stella Eaton

Item Name: [SE*Designz] Tattoo - little Stars

Sale Price of Item: 50

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal

Item Name: Bowed Up Lingerie Tealicious,Bermuda Short Plaid Outfit,Capri set Fire Red,

Detailed Description: Lingerie panties & bra, Bermuda shorts sculpted cuffs colorful tank, Capri set, sculpted cuffs & halter tank.

Sale Price of Item: 50L Each

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dawn Larimal

Item Name: 4 Pack Pink Mushrooms, Peach Welcome Grass, Plum & Purple Field Grass
Sale Price of Item: 50L Each


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