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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Mania Week 30.

Blur Picks:
Each week Blur Mannequin will spotlight her favorite items from the List! Don't miss these great items for a Great Price! 



Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Geryn Sloane

Item Name:  GSC Christmas Star

Detailed Description: Black velvet with an unbelievable dropped waist skirt that glitters with rhinestone stars.   Just in time for your first holiday gala.

Sale Price of Item:  50L

Store Name: Style by Kira

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Kira Paderborn

Item Name: Style by Kira - Kylie Skin Fantasy 01C and Style by Kira - Kylie Skin 01C. 

Detailed Description: Similar to the Willow skins by a much lighter tone and with light freckles.  This week she comes in fall tones with darker eyes and mauve lips.  

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: Elven Crafts

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Mityka Gartle

Item Name: Dark Elf Sword

Detailed Description: Spell Fire 4.0 short sword.

Sale Price of Item: 40

Store Name: *Enchante*

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Dena McMahon

Item Name: Snowflake Pathlights

Detailed Description: Light your path in the spirit of the season.  These pathlights are designed to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.  Regularly 175L get our Amethyst color today for 50L!

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: sf design

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:
swaffette Firefly
For men and women
Item Name: 
sf design red tartan sneakers
Detailed Description:
Old school sneakers made with old school prims ( not sculpted)  each includes a pair with and without resizer. - Both male and female fit.
Sale Price of Item: 

Store Name: Snowpaws

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Carrie Snowpaw

Item Name: Orient mini dress - Pond

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Ella Asalia

Detailed Description:Fantastic Outfits and Tattoos for Women and Men

Store Name: The Lotus

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: angela cheetah/phanes python

Item Name: Romantic Christmas

Detailed Description: Romantic place with kiss on a bench and lanterns

Sale Price of Item: 25 linden

Store Name: Zenith Fashion 

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Miffyhoi Rosca

Item Name:=Zenith=Red Greece III , =Zenith=White Greece III

Detailed Description:woman Dress

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: Timeless Textures

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Xzavia Yifu

Detailed Description: 15 Seamless Dreams Golden Swirl - Radial Textures . One of my most drool worthy sets to date! I've had customers me things they've made using this set. It looks great on Vases, Plates, Palace Interiors, Wall Art even Dresses! I've been really impressed with my customers creativity with this set. I hope you'll be half as impressed when you see it!

Also available today for just 30L below the Monday Mania board: 15 Seamless Golden Swirl - Medaillion Revisited Textures ( both sets 512 x 512 res) a great accompaniment to the Golden Swirl - Radial (B) offer!

Sale Price of Item: 30L

Store Name: PA DESIGNE

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Rosele Maroon

Item Name: Dead skull Boots 

Detailed Description: Fantastic Boots with Dagger -Resize + Transfer -one day offer only!!

Sale Price of Item: 50 L

Item Name:  dress anna black
Detailed Description: corsage, pants, flexi skirt
Sale Price of Item:  50 L$
SLURL of Item in your store:

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:Yumi Chiuh

Item Name: [M2M]..::Winter Knit Dress::..

Detailed Description:Kawai winter dress, perfect for teens and kids.

Sale Price of Item: 25 L 

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Imajica Vemo

Item Name: *Good Evening* 

Detailed Description: Gesture with Sound

Pic of Item: N/A

Sale Price of Item: L$50

Store Name: Saris Creation's

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: saris Saenz

Item Name: SS - Jasper

Detailed Description:sexy shirt green transparent,whith a nice long skirt tie die texture

Sale Price of Item:  50 L

Store Name: Savage

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Adel Garnet and Elle Celestalis

Item Name: Austere

Detailed Description: A detailed corduroy Free Woman outfit with a leather corset, skirt, prim arm warmers, turtles, and hair pins.

Sale Price of Item: 30L

Store Name: Violet Lotus

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Adel Garnet and Elle Celestalis

Item Name: Audrey Tattoo

Detailed Description: A posh Audrey Hepburn tattoo along the back, arms, chest and thighs, with little diamond, heart and star accents!  Includes viewer 2 tattoo layers, normal and faded versions for a more versatile look.

Sale Price of Item: 50L

Store Name: =Flutterby=

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Sexxxy Viper

Item Name: =Flutterby= Christmas Trees

Detailed Description: After all the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, it's time for some fun! It may be snowing but the fire will keep you nice and warm while you sit on the sled or the blanket (flannel to keep you warm, of course!) and roast hot dogs!

Sale Price of Item: $100L

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name:  Pattye Caproni

Item Name: Gazebo with star hangers

Detailed Description: Cozy gazebo with beaded stars hanging from the arches.
Sale Price of Item: $50L

Store Name:  ARTIC STORM

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Artie Jonstone

Item Name:  Button Sweater & Cropped Jeans

Detailed Description:  Cute Shortie Button Sweater and Cropped Jeans (with turned up cuffs)

Sale Price of Item:  $40L

Store Name:   House of Alisha

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Alisha Ultsch

Item Name:  Summer Gown

Detailed Description:  A gala gown with a golden lace full skirt and an open backed bodice.   

Sale Price of Item:  50L

Store Name: SE*Designz

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Stella Eaton

Item Name: [SE*Designz] Heart & Stars T-Shirt Pack & [SE*Designz] Skyline Duo T-Shirt Pack

Sale Price of Item: 50

Store Name: Moonlight Shadow

Owner (Creator/Designer) Name: Catherine Ashmoot

Item Name:"Moon_Sha" Slave Cauldron

Detailed Description: Kneeling Stir Animation,Animated Soup,Only 4 Prims.

Sale Price of Item: 25L$




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